don’t believe everything you hear…

so everyone likes to pass on their pearls of wisdom or personal experience….we all do it, some do it well others not so much. the one thing that becomes glaringly evident when you look like you are about to pop is that people – even those that under normal conditions wouldn’t even look at you – want to pass on their pearls. yesterday during my much awaited and longed for pedicure the discussion turned to my miss piggy like trotters that have been retaining about a litre of fluid each since week 24. I did have some compression socks to wear but due to the unyielding bump I can no longer get down there to pull them on so my trotters are on display for all to see due to the fact that thongs are my only footwear option. anyhoo so here we are discussing fluid retention and fat feet. we had already discussed how people want to give away their horror stories and the therapist looking after my mum had recounted how terrified her sister was due to the amount of stories she had heard then went on to have a short drug free labour with not much pain and no horror in sight. my therapist may have zoned out when I was saying that I had it up to dollys wax with the amount of bad news people want to part with as she went on her merry way telling me that her sisters feet swelled up during her pregnancy and she expected them to go down straight away but they didn’t go down for almost three months….mum’s therapist said “there you go another horror story” bless her. up til now my tactic has been to nod and smile….seems to work well and that way I am not tempted to open my pie hole. but its complete gold when people start their pearls with “you should do what I did…..” and you could fill in the dot dot dot with “have a caesarean, it’s so much easier and you don’t feel a thing” or “go drug free and just get it done, I did and it was fine” the list goes on and on with all the different variations on the way people have given birth. for me it will be however it’s meant to be and that could be a caesarean, drug free, induced, natural or that high on painkillers and gas that I decide to call her violet beauregard out of respect for willy wonka. of course common sense will prevail and myffyn will get her chosen name which still remains a closely guarded secret – not because we think we are the posh and becks of wellard just because we like the name and people are less likely to comment once the child is born. prior to birth if you tell peeps what names you have chosen they freely offer up their opinion and its rarely complimentary.

I have gone way off track with this post….so one of the pearls I have been given by so many people is that I will know when I am going to go into labour because I will get the sudden urge to clean – everything. so I thought last night might have been the night because yesterday afternoon I was like a woman possessed. I cleaned the groove where the sink meets the bench top in the kitchen and where the stove sits in the bench, I cleaned the plug holes in the sink and started wiping down light switches throughout the house and I had the energy to do it. it was a weird feeling and I started to think maybe, just maybe, in the words of rod stewart “tonites the night”. ahhhh no it wasn’t to be. so for now I am throwing that pearl of wisdom out the window and not trying to over think it. maybe it wasn’t a big enough urge to clean….as I look around me and see the tumbleweeds of mr.roobens hair rolling around I am thinking maybe the urge to clean would have been stronger if labour was pending and I would have whipped out the trusty dyson….yeah I don’t think myffyn is ready to pop out just yet, but look out linen press….



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