gettin my nigella on….

yesterday I baked cookies…and they were good to. I actually followed the recipe, something I never do. I am a pinch of this dash of that mmmm what else can I put in there kind of cook. no masterchef by any chance just learned from one of the best how to make a meal out of a seemingly empty fridge. my husband will open the fridge and say there’s nothing in there and a couple of hours later we sit down to dinner – magic! and I owe it all to the late great ruth chalmers who always managed to put on an awesome spread and could make a ham sandwich that money couldn’t buy.

anyhoo scotty loves his sweets and in my current condition I am a bit partial to the odd family block of Cadbury’s myself so he asked me to bake something…..a requirement of baking is that you follow the recipe. not my strong suit, I am the ultimate control freak so I even want to control what nigella and gordon and jamie all tell me is right and true. yesterday I threw it all to the wind and followed the instructions of my new besty nigella – anyone who calls a dish “sluts spaghetti” is worthy of befriending – I had all these little bowls lined up with their various contents all carefully measured and I used my new most awesome gadget which my mother in law has had for years to mix it all into a creamy delight of choc chip cookie dough. the mixer gadget works a treat and cost me zip unlike to new fancy coloured ones you can buy for around $800….thats a lot of cookies. no thanks I am well chuffed with my not so sexy second-hand one that does exactly the same thing. so I baked the cookies in two batches and they didn’t burn and they taste totally fine. I didn’t look anywhere near as delicious as nigella does while in the kitchen so if I am to be true to the process I will have to work on this aspect – and clean as I go – also not a strong suit…

now I did mention that I am a control freak – it’s why I don’t like flying, I don’t know what they are doing up there in their cockpit – so last night when scott said “I guess I better put this baby seat in the car” I saw my next opportunity for control. see I think I am pretty good on the tools and at mechanical stuff so here we are both in the back seat trying to get this baby capsule thing sorted out with me providing all the instructions and scott telling me it wont work that way. so I take over – of course – and realise he is right we can’t do it the way the book says so I sit there and try to think of a different way to solve the issue when scott says “I just dropped the bolt” ok well where did it go? well it just went into the black hole known as behind the seat. this lead to a cargument – usually had while driving in unknown territory this was the first time scotty and I had experienced the need to have a cargument in a stationary vehicle. fun times. so off to bunnings we go to get some more bolts – we get a pack of six just in case more fall into the black hole – and come home to do it all again. we need a tool to hold the bolt still while tightening the locking nut so scotty goes off to the shed while I look around the house for a suitable tool. it needs to be small enough to fit in the space above the black hole I tell scotty, I know he tells me, cargument pending….anyhoo he gets in the back seat and starts work again and I leave him to it confident that I have provided enough instruction that he will succeed but I cant resist and head out to the garage to check on his progress partially closing the car door on his leg as I try to muscle my way in to see what he is up to. oops sorry babe. lucky he had a couple of those ikea toolkit spanner things cause one has fallen into the black hole. at least if we hit some speed bumps it will provide a soothing rattle sound for myffyn….






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