the five p’s…

prior planning prevents poor performance….yep it sure does. so over the past week I have let the stock of available healthy food dwindle and my daily diet has consisted of toast with either vegemite (okay) or lemon curd (pure sugar), leftover chocolate cake from scott’s birthday lunch, cadbury’s and tea – tetley’s, peppermint and raspberry leaf…not in the same cup. and in the last week we have noticed a massive shift in the sleeping habits of our little princess or, more accurately, non sleeping habits. turns out a diet high in sugar and caffeine = grumpy, unable to sleep baby. who would have thought, hey? but seriously if I can’t even manage a shower until the afternoon what are my chances of preparing healthy meals…that has been my defence for my crap consumption and after a week of very little sleep and a baby girl who has struggled to get more than a few hours sleep a day I have realised that I need to get my 5 P’s in order and start looking after us. the irony is that I actually don’t enjoy chocolate or cake and would much prefer a healthier option which takes time and effort two things I am a little short on at the moment. time to pull my finger out I think. so I have restocked and yesterday I only had one cup of caffeine, no chocolate and fish rice and veges for dinner and today miss kenzi has had a great sleep…I have started my bid for mother of the year off with a bang. I wonder if the change for the good in my diet will mean kenzi will stop mumbling like yoda in her sleep….

so kenzi has had a heat rash on her face for the past couple of days due to my over zealous dressing and wrapping techniques…of course I went to the only doctor you can get into, Dr Google, to see what treatment I could use to help get rid of it…what I found was advice ranging from steroid creams to bicarb soda and everything in between. the one post that I did find interesting was one womans suggestion to express a little breastmilk and use a cotton ball to put this onto the rash once a day….is breastmilk the new windex? cracked nipples? breastmilk. heat rash? breastmilk. what I actually opted for was keeping her in cotton and not overheating and it is clearing up…who would have thought?? the revelations I am having at the moment are incredible…

not long til the opening ceremony, very exciting, oh how life has changed…


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