48 hour protection…

while our guests were staying with us Mr B Badger.com and I shared a bathroom and I havent been motivated to move my stuff back into the main bathroom so we continue to share. it’s been a few years since we have shared and a couple of things have amused me recently. one is that I think, judging by the condition of the shower glass, that when Mr B Badger.com washes his hair and body he must thrash around like he is covered in bee’s – not body wash. the glass is covered from top to bottom in splashes of soapy residue. I have tried to replicate this and I can confirm that the only way to get the shower glass this messy is to lather up and wave your arms like you just don’t care. I have left a cloth in the shower recess as a subtle hint that maybe after every couple of showers he could wipe down the glass but so far the view beyond the glass gets blurrier by the day so I best get my A into G and move back into my bathroom. we all have our bathroom issues – the reason he hates sharing a bathroom with me is I am a serial leaver outer. yes there are perfectly good cupboards that I could put all my lotions and potions into but why bother when tomorrow I am just going to get them all out again?? anyway the other thing that caught my eye while all this bathroom cohabitation is going on is that my husbands anti perspirant offers 48 hour protection….why? if you have to wear it for 48 hours you need a shower not protection, because quite frankly if you havent showered for 48 hours no one will come near you so protection is the least of your worries. is this just advertising gone mad? if it can protect you for 48 hours against the dreaded B.O then what the hell do they put in it? cause I know that I am a pretty hygienic person who doesn’t normally stink but it wouldn’t matter how much protection my anti perspirant offered, at the end of a cycling class I am pretty much guaranteed that nobody will approach me unless they have that stuff that coroners use to block the smell under their nose. no amount of “protection” can hide the fact that after 45 minutes of pretending to cycle up hill while shouting “all aboard, the night train” most people smell like they have been dug up by the dog – and if you don’t then you probably didn’t work hard enough…or your 48 hour protection actually works.

well new diet starts tomorrow…actually it’s an old diet that worked so it starts again tomorrow. since I stopped breast-feeding I have put on 4 kilos so now I only have 26 to lose yippee for me. so all those peeps in the RPM classes better get prepared for two things…one I have already covered – I will stink afterwards – the other is that the size of my arse makes Kim Kardashian’s look quite small so I will apologise in advance to the people on the bikes behind me…there will be a lot of movement in the weeks to come.


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