my clip on koala…

its been a long time between posts and I have missed being able to sit down and just think about barrybadger and nothing else. see about a week ago, maybe more, my lovely baby girl who loved her father and her pram and basically anyone else who paid her attention became my clip on koala. for followers outside australia we have these little tourist momentos that look like a mini koala bear and you can clip them onto your clothing with their paws…FYI the koala is not really a bear. so I have my very own clip on koala in the form of k dogg who just loves me to bits and wants to be by my side morning noon and night. now I am jubilant that she thinks I am the cats whiskers but for small portions of time it would be nice to just be me again. when I do put her down to play I can feel her watching me through the mesh of her pack n play and if she loses sight of me whoa nelly does she let me know and then when I come back into sight she gives me a smile that makes everything else seem worthless. when we first bought her home from hospital it was Mr B that was the comforter. I would be walking around making all the right noises, doing all the right pat patting and then, once I had lost the ability to hear, I would hand her over and within nano seconds – even a jiffy – she would be quiet and in most cases asleep on his shoulder. was this a bit like trying to open a jar then when you hand it to someone else they seem to open it effortlessly and you say “I must have loosened it”? had I already pre exhausted k dogg so that as soon as she went to a new – and much bigger – shoulder she just fell asleep? whatever it was the opposite is happening now. Mr B gives it a good shot only to appear at my side with an apologetic look on his face and a crying baby in his arms. two things that probably don’t help are k dogg is a power napper. she can be a total grump arse, have a fifteen minute power nap, and wake up like she has just spent a week in a wellness retreat. the other thing that affects her is that she gets what can only be described as stimulation hangovers. see we can be out or can have visitors and she is the picture of perfection and then when the visitors are gone or we are home from our outing little k dogg just cant quit and while what she really needs is sleep it is the farthest from her mind, preferring instead to cry and scream until eventually at about 9pm she will submit and go to sleep. the following day is basically a repeat of the previous night…my dad reckons we should just continually take her out if that’s when she is at her best! mmmm writing about taking her out has just reminded me that I need to wash the covers on her car capsule from her poo explosion while we were out on sunday – nothing like cleaning poo off your babies back while out to lunch to make you feel like you wish you had stayed home….


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