I love dan quayle….

this was k doggs first sound alike sentence…while she was playing in her playpen and we were watching on while drinking coffee little k dogg put some sounds together that resembled the phrase I love dan quayle. and who wouldn’t love dan? a man whose quotes while serving as vice pres to bush include “I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy — but that could change.” and “If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.” and “We’re going to have the best-educated American people in the world.” oh my god I could go on and on, what gems of wisdom. reminds me of a guy I worked with who came up with such pearls in meetings such as “where we’re at is where we’re at” and “it is what it is” and my personal fave “I need to know what I need to know so that my people know what they need to know” we dubbed these pearls of wisdom as walkerisms – his surname is walker – and as it is customary in our culture we took the piss out of him at every opportunity and in good form he took it all on the chin. but he was just one dude in a management role for a steel company…not the vice preso of the old US of A, how I would have loved to have worked with Dan if only to take the total piss out of his ridiculous quotes.

anyhoo – k dogg is coming up for four months old and I think I miss being pregnant…not the baby in the belly feeling so much as the – it’s ok to be huge – feeling. lets just say that getting the motivation and energy to snap back into shape is proving to be a little harder than I had originally thought. and while I am sure Mel B just adored the taste of Jenny Craig’s food I prefer mine to taste more like food and less like it should be consumed by astronauts and produced in a lab. likewise I don’t have gunnar petersen on speed dial so any exercise or training program I undertake will be of my own doing. unfortunately if I did have a spare hour or two of waking time I would actually prefer to spend it asleep than lifting heavy things. right now I think I need sleep more than anything else. even though little k dogg is sleeping through the night, I am not. I spend quite a bit of my time listening to her breathing and worrying if she has a snuffly nose, when I do actually sleep my dreams are vivid and scary – last week I was chased by a lion and awoke exhausted, of course – not to mention that I share a bed with a man who sounds like a drag car while sleeping. I really feel for women that have to return to work so soon after giving birth – I would be like the walking dead if I was at work right now and I am sure my boss would be less than impressed if I used my time at work as my nap time. it’s a catch 22 really. I know that if I exercised more I would feel more energised but I am completely knackered so even the thought of exercising makes me want to take a nap. oh well I will try to make an effort…it would be easier if I hadn’t been such a big hole and enrolled in four units of my diploma course this semester. two would have been plenty and then I could also have done a bit more “me” stuff but noooooo why enrol in only two when you can enrol in four units and look after a baby, and yourself and a husband and a dog and a house – what a freaking lunatic I must be.

so the western australian government launches its sex offender website today. really if they are that bad that you need to see who they are and get them publicly outed then shouldnt they be locked up?



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