life with a threenager….

so up until recently I had thought the terrible twos would consume my days and nights for at least another couple of years….that was until one of my mummy friends mentioned the term “threenager” and it all fell into place. this is now my life….dealing with a toddler who behaves just like she is about […]

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in the words of neil diamond….

hello again, hello…. it’s been so long since i have visited that I forgot my password! anyhoo I would like to put my lack of posting down to my super hectic life but really I’ve just been feeling knackered. who knew that this mum stuff could take it out of you like it does […]

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picturing the past…

this morning I woke up thinking about the future and that got me to thinking about all the stories our parents and grandparents tell us about their past. when my grandmother used to tell me about getting ice delivered for her ice box and her subsequent excitement at finally having a refrigerator I could picture […]

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the tenth leap…

so here we are at 17 and a bit months and little boss is going through her tenth and final leap in development…it would be lovely to think that this means no more of the three c’s – clingy, cranky & crying – but I just don’t think that is possible! the last week or […]

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personality plus….

yesterday I was pushing the trolley – shopping cart for my US pals – around the aisles while little boss tried desperately to grab as much as she could get her grubby little paws on. she managed to get the end of the roll of bags in the fruit and vege section…luckily I have developed […]

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welcome to the danger zone….

australia…land down under and home to skippy, hoges and steve irwin to name a few. such a beautiful land girt by sea…says so in the national anthem. anyhoo what it doesn’t say is some of the most beautiful sea cannot be entered due to the poisonous creatures that call it home. salt water crocodiles, box […]

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